Mission and Goals
Baccalaurate of Science in Nursing Program (BSNP)

Mission Statement

The Nursing Program has as its mission the formation of nurses able to offer competent, sensible, effective, safe, and quality nursing care to the client person, family, and community.


  • 1. Provide care with autonomy and with interdisciplinary collaboration and sensitivity to ethical-legal and  cultural values and directed to the achievement of the best results for the client.
  • 2. Coordinate care by applying leadership and management skills that lead to the highest quality care with the minimum cost.

  • 3. Assume a commitment as a member of the discipline in harmony with the standards of the practice. For the development of this professional diverse and flexible modalities of study are offered. This facilitates mobility from the level of the associate degree to the baccalaureate.

  • BSN Student Learning Outcomes

  • 1. Students will have a solid base in liberal education through the General Education Program (GEP) which provides the foundation  for the practice and education of nurses.
  • 2. Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills in leadership, quality improvement, and patient safety while providing high-quality health care.
  • 3. Students will apply current evidence to their  practice.
  • 4. Students will apply knowledge and skills in information management and patient care technology in the delivery of quality  patient care.
  • 5. Students will demonstrate knowledge of healthcare policies, including financial and regulatory, that influence the nature and  functioning of the healthcare system and thereby are important considerations in professional nursing practice.
  • 6. Students will apply interprofessional communication and collaboration skills for improving patient health outcomes .
  • 7. Students will demonstrate knowledge of health promotion and disease prevention at the individual and population levels to improve population health .
  • 8. Students will demonstrate professionalism and professional values in the practice of nursing care .
  • 9. The student nurse is prepared to practice with patients, including individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations across the lifespan and the continuum of healthcare environments. 

  • Resultados de Reválidas / Licensure Pass Rates

    Departamento Ciencias de la Salud (Health Sciences Department)
    Resultados de Reválidas (Licensure Pass Rates) Generalistas (Generalist) 2019 – 2021 , 2021 – 2022″]
    Generalistas (Generalist) 2019 – 2021

    Generalistas (Generalist) 2021 – 2022