Admissions Requirements
Admission Requirements
High school

  • 1. Official transcript of high school credits or its equivalent with a minimum grade point index of 2.00 or its equivalent.
  • 2.“College Board”, “SAT” or “ACT” results
  • 3.Original Immunization Certificate (student under 21 years old)
  • 4.Must present Social Security card
  • 5.Valid identification (license, passport or military ID)
  • 6.Declaration of Concentration (submit the form)
  • 7.Form W9-S

Transfer Student

  • 1.Official transcript of credits from the University (s) of origin
  • 2.Must have passed at least 12 credits with a grade of C or better from an accredited institution, except in academic programs that establish different requirements, in which case they must meet these requirements.
  • 3.Not having been subject to disciplinary actions at the educational institution of origin
  • 4.Original Immunization Certificate (student under 21 years old)
  • 5.Certification of Transfer Student
  • 6.Must present Social Security card
  • 7.Valid identification (license, passport or military ID)
  • 8.Catalog or description of courses taken at other universities (if necessary)
  • 9.Declaration of Concentration (form)
  • 10.Form W9-S (form)
  • 11.Transfer Student Certification Form (form)

Students Adult Education Program (AVANCE)